50 ton crane pic

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Hey, here's some pics from last week using a 50 ton instead of deedee's 21 ton.
Just bid a job for the city here. Need the local 70 T. Precision Crane Service. We will see if I land the job or not.

2 days, 8650.00
Stealth Crane?
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See Ya
Heres a pic of me riding an Elk through the Canadian tundra.

Here is a pic of me on stage with Jimmy Hendrix my Dad was the drummer

I still can't post pics from my digital camera. The site takes the cheesy cell phone pics but won't take the other's.
JBred- You either need to resize the pics or convert them to .jpg. Most digital cameras use the .jpg format these days but the default picture size is typically huge. That's great if you want to make a poster to hang on the wall but forum uploads should optimally be less than 150kb in size.
Thank you, I learned something new today. I will try it here.
Wow, I just got the news that my buddy Larry (Treemasters) dropped dead OTJ today. He's the guy I did a job for a couple weeks back, I posted pics of the huge pine TD with the 30 ton.

RIP, old buddy. :(
Sorry to hear, Butch. Although we all gotta go sometime. I only hope that when my time is up, I can do what I love right up until the very end. Sounds like Larry got out easy.
Yes, he had a family. His profile is complete, Darin.

Man. I'm gonna start eating more rabbit food. Larry's death is like an omen for me.