2008 Special Olympics

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got a letter in the mail yesterday from these folks asking for money.

They also sent a bunch of stickers which say I am a supporter of the 2008 olympics and I have donated. They go on the window of your car.

Never have donated to them, funny they should send me stuff saying I have...

I have a friend who used to make a living as a telephone solicitor. Same type of deal, except he sold those police booster stickers. He sold them for $175-$200 each and averaged 3 sales a day. He was able to keep within the law by sending in $10 every 3 months to the PBA.

Anybody who calls you or mails you asking for a donation does not give a rat's ass about you, only your money. If you want to contribute to a charitable organazation then you're best off picking your own and making the donation anonymously. Otherwise you'll end up on more solicitation lists.

And here's the poster child for this year's special olympics...

I just got a call from the Washington State Firefighters Association (or somethingorother...), asking if I would like toi donate to the "Fallen Firemen's Fund" to the tune of $100 bucks.

When I told the guy no... he rebutted with, "So you are telling me you don't care about firefighters?"

I told him, "So you're telling me you don't care that your sales tactics are completely out of line?"

He hung up...

whenever those dudes call, I let em have it. Special Olympics is legit though......my newphew is Downs.
I have been know to ask a lot of questions and keep them on the line for as long as possible before telling them no I don't want to give you any money and see how that sits with them. They usually have some sort of retort about how I wasted their time. :what:
Good for you Gary. I had some dingfod call me about raising money for body armour for police officers. I told him that noone buys my safety equipment for me and utterly deflated him.
My wife used to give money to anyone that called:X Untill I found out what was going on. She would say, "but honey, we need to support the volunteer firefighters" oh really? We live in Boston, there aren't any volunteer firefighters!:|: