17 year locust


Sep 2, 2006
otherwise know as the Cicada, they are coming out in droves here......anyone else having the big hatch? Sounds like a turbo charger when the sun warms them up...
They should be out on Cape Cod here soon as well. I dont think they will make it as far inland as me. At least that is what Bob Childs says.
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the roads are covered with dead ones here...kids are having fun collecting them, then pouring a bucket full at the base of a tree and watch race to the top...
Funny, we get them almost every year around here. You hear them on hot, still summer afternoons. They might take 17 years to hatch but we got at least 16 separate crops of them.
You guys got the plauge goin' on over there? :P

We don't gots none of them "funny bugs" over here...

Just slugs that are over a foot long...



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making the smell of oysters go away?

getting ready to cook bugs?
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Gary, do they make for good bait?

I dunno Brian... I have never picked up a slug in my life. We have a lot of different species of slugs out here... we get a lot of the small black ones here as well, along with the common orange garden slugs. We have shit loads of big snails here on Whidbey Island...

But... when you see one of those big yellow things out in the woods... they just look freakish. My brother used to be scared of them. Wouldn't continue up a trail in the woods if there was a banana slug on it. :)

PNW banana slugs, look out!! :)
For real?

I've hit those giant westcoast slugs before with a saw and had them freaking explode in disgustingness, I hate slugs.:(
Hit 'em with a weed wacker once in awhile too...

They do explode... all over the friggin' place. :combustion:

It's fun to wipe all the slug goop off your face and safety glasses... :barf: