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    The New Offical Mutts of the House thread

    Congrats on the new pup and great pics everyone. Burnham we've hashed out the cat debate once or twice before I think. I don't like birds. Lol. I shoot nearly as many as the cats get I'm guessing. Sorry.
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    The Official Happy Birthday thread!!!

    I've been poking in just haven't been participating. Everything's good. Just grinding on. Thanks for the wishes
  3. squisher

    Stump grinder?

    The very best thing you can buy for your mini. Branch manager grapple. Takes a helluva beating and keeps on ticking.
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    Mini Skids

    I flopped my ramrod a good few times on its side. Gas. It never lit up. I did light on fire once using a stumpgrinder attachment. And having fine shavings pack in around the exhaust. That sucked but I put it out with one of those dry powder squeeze bottle extinguishers they give you in the...
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    Quick Cure , Marinade and Slow Cool

    Oh hell yah! For a Canadian. I can make some damn tasty BBQ! I'm way less foodsafe then Kenny though. I've smoked for many people now though and never killed or even injured a one.
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    I road a super tenere 1200 at the Yamaha demo days this year. It was fun to try out. But not for me. Lots of buttons and screens and modes and stuff. Electronic adjustable suspension even. Africa twin. Does sound cool. I gotta admit I kinda poke fun at the adventure bike crowd. All in good fun...
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    I am radared up. But still I could get yanked for any number of violations. :D Bluetoothed to earbuds. Works flawlessly at any speed impossible to miss alerts. New detector filters out all blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise, etc, etc. Minimal false alerts. Incredible range. Still no...
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    Despite a stern questioning at the border........they let me in! It was a fantastic trip! I don't gamble, but to appease Jim I had dinner at the res casino on their deck. I still say everyone has it backwards. You Americans are the friendlier lot than us Canucks.
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    I don't mind a small pack for dirt riding. Some water, grub, phone, etc. But a pack that you could put groceries in? No thanks. Cory. I have a two piece full zip cortech leathers with full armour(bought 2nd hand like new)that are my go to unless it's smoking hot. Then I ride in two piece...
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    I run soft saddlebags and a tailbag. They are all expandable with zip outs and can hold a fair bit. I'll throw on a backpack too if I need to. But that's a last resort.
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    Seen these crazy sheep on the road yesterday. Westside Rd Kelowna BC. Wife was stoked. I had to stop her from going right up and trying to pet one.
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    This was one of the stops on our motorcycle tour yesterday. Wilsey dam about 1/2hr from me. Produces a good chunk of the power for the north okanagan. Built in 65? I think the plaque said. Took 65 men over two years to blast out the rock for the installation. It was originally a waterfall. Still...
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    How do you feel about your job?

    It's not bizarre. To me anyways. I find ways to keep busy. ;)
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    The New Offical Mutts of the House thread

    There will always be reminders I suppose. Ive had quite a few dogs (and still have three). But I really miss that furry old bastard.
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    How'd it go today?

    Good luck on all your tests Kyle. I'm with Mick. I love my lawn. Mines left in quite a natural state for the most part as far as weeds and whatnot. A 'file' photo of my place. But I've got endless lawn, pasture, and field. Before anyone asks, my house is like 60 years old. :P
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