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  1. Jed

    GoPro Vanity... What's Yer Opinion?

    So...... (I'm actually TRYING-for once-to keep this short :lol:)... I am from a production background with regard to tree service; that is to say: the treecos that shaped me as a worker very much more valued production (no matter what they said) over customer satisfaction per se, or safety...
  2. Jed

    15 Minutes in the Woods With Jack Bealar

    So, this is "Jack," and youtube's "hotsaws101," of "soft-dutchman," fame. Many a west-coast faller have paid dearly to have one of his saw-builds. Judging from nearly all of the former logger/faller types I've ever encountered out here... this is a pretty fair representation of how most...
  3. Jed

    Human Breaks Out His TIP

    This guy seems extremely knowledgeable but quite green. Seems like a super good dude. This sucks.
  4. Jed

    Disclaimer... I've had just a wee-bit tonight.

    Thought this might get a good laugh or two. My daughter Emma found it... (click, "zoom-in.")
  5. Jed

    Billy Ray's Back-Cut First Extreme Leaner.

    O.k... Well then... this guy's insane in a good way. Unbelievable what he can lift off of mere plastic. The guy's an accomplished arb... He could very easily have gone up, hung a rope, freed the limb and thumped the stick, but instead chose to give us what is a truly bang-up :lol: vid...
  6. Jed

    What killed this Cottonwood?

  7. Jed

    Awesome Old Growth Vid

    <iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Jed

    Shoulder Problems? Welcome!

    Just curious. Tons of guys in our shop have been dealing with this as of late. Curious as to what you guys have dealt with, or are currently dealing with.
  9. Jed

    The Homebrew Thread?

    Just putting some feelers out there. My wife just made me a Double Black I.P.A. that's got me about half-way to the moon right now. Just curious as to whether this possible thread could have legs. Anybody else out there doing this stuff? I'm just thinking, "Where's this beer been my whole life?"
  10. Jed

    Someone Might Care... Who Knows?

    Yeah just in case there were actually someone out there who might just possibly care, I decided to post this up. I just figured out something small tonight. I used to talk to two different old-timers who round filed chisel chain, and they both told me the same thing though I could never figure...
  11. Jed

    Joey's Broken Back

    We've got a young climber who gets thrown into the mix a bit more than I'd like right now because we're a bit short-handed. Yesterday, he removed a small Fir, and left his climb line in the stob so that his foreman (not I) could pull it over when he fell it. We always use a running bowline...
  12. Jed

    Facebook On the Job?

    My ground guy is seriously addicted to social media, and I've had to talk to him twice about it. Now, I'm thinking about letting him go. Anybody else out there dealing with this?
  13. Jed

    Porting a 20? (200t)

    If you're a professional saw builder, then please disregard this. For the rest, please regard this as a redneck public service announcement. Please do not port your 200t. I had to replace my seals recently, so I took the whole headache as an excellent chance to do some (vey mild, I swear!!)...
  14. Jed

    201t: Cheaper Plastic???

    Just doing my part to hate on the 201 (I know, I know--just what the world needs) a little bit more, but perhaps from a bit of a different angle. By now, I'm guessing that most of you full-time arbos are figuring out that the plastic on these things suck. Mine is exactly six months old. After...
  15. Jed

    Need Help from the "Big Saw" Guys

    Weirdest Thing. We've got this foreman who transferred over here from the Philadelphia office who had never seen or heard of square-grind before. "Why wld you ever use that," he asked. So, after explaining about the straighter and faster cutting bit, I added that, since the top-plate angles...
  16. Jed

    Sizwill? Sizwheel? Whizzy? WTH (What the Heck)

    Gentlemen: The wife and daughter brought me home some super strong ale tonight (8.4%!!!) so I will TRY to keep this very brief and NOT act like the jack-ass that all of you know me to be. Here's the deal: I am (no laughing please) giving a company talk in front of our brand-new corporate...
  17. Jed

    Update from the Puget Sound

    Hey Gentlemen: Reall miss the old-timers around here. Thought I'd drop a quick note to explain where I'm at. My wife, and daughter, and new baby, and I are with my folks (no internet!!!) while we wait on an offer that we made on a short-sale house. Don't ever get a short sale...... Don't...
  18. Jed

    Quick Question for Faller-Types (Quick! I Promise!)

    Gentlemen: I apologize in advance to the East-Coast fellow who protested to some earlier post that I had made, in which I had listed a few "Faller Pro Types" who regularly contribute to this site, and all of them happened to be PNW folks. Gentlemen, this omission was due solely to ignorance I...
  19. Jed

    Falling Trees in the Wind

    O.k. boys, sorry to reinvent the wheel if this stuff has already been hashed-out here thirty-five times before, but, I absolutely couldn't resist starting this thread, having only yesterday, typed the phrase, "the older I get, the more I feel like I am done taking chances." So... quick story in...
  20. Jed

    395xp: Ran Great! Now it don't.

    O.k. Burnham emboldened me to consult the gurus before I get myself in over my head. I bought--and paid far more than I was wise to give--a used 395 with a new big-bore kit in it about five months ago. I use it about once a week in place of my 440, and I was just starting to really like it...
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