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  1. cory

    Contract climber rate

    How is $75/ hr, 600/day? Seems a tad high, what say you.
  2. cory

    TreeHouse Bee thread

    Bees are fascinating creatures and a compelling topic these days. I'd like to learn more about them. Here are a couple interesting links. And this is an excellent article, I...
  3. cory


    I ve never seen one, I'm not particularly interested in them because of the sketchy reputation surrounding the topic. Sure, I'd like to see one but not an overly big fan of the topic. Watched this Joe Rogan episode featuring a high level Navy pilot and his mates who saw one in great, verified...
  4. cory

    Lyme disease

    Let's hear your stories, tree folks. I've had tick borne illness 2x in the past, really knocked me the F out each time but cleared up pretty quickly with antibiotics. Today I was getting a massage (first time ever, for neck/shoulder stiffness, wow it felt goooood) she told me about the...
  5. cory

    zig zag

    I just climbed on it for the first time, did a challenging reduction on a 60' sugar maple. Thing is sweet and smooth! I used to love my friction hitch but after one 3 hour climb, this seems to be significantly better
  6. cory

    The cutting edge of tree removal
  7. cory

    Cold showers

    Ok lets start at the beginning- I'm a complete pussy. The cold tap shower water here in CT in winter is straight ice cubes. I can handle it for exactly 2 seconds. But the whole cold shower thing, which was popularized by Wim Hoff, I find it fascinating. Also fascinating to me is that I cannot as...
  8. cory

    Rigging rings

    I bought this 'rig and ring' recently , used it a lot for the first time today removing 2 large dead ash, virtually everything had to be roped down, it went very well and smooth . I've always been a huge fan of blocks...
  9. cory

    husky 576 kill switch not working

    It was intermittent for a bit but now it won't shut off at all. Choke to kill. The saw is less than 6 months old, is kept clean in carb area regularly with air. No wires appear to be damaged or disconnected. What say you saw wrenchers? I don't want to drive 25 miles to dealer for something he...
  10. cory

    Reg, ported saws

    Reg just saw your new vid Just wondering how much louder ported saws are than stock. It looks like it doesn't affect ease of starting. Btw, yeah new stock 372s are junk, the older ones were classics. Lordy you made that amusing re hitting metal...
  11. cory

    Rock climbing gyms

    Ya ever tried one? I just climbed in a rock gym each of the last 2 weekends, very fun! Very different imo from tree climbing because rope is not involved except in catching falls. 5.6 was challenging but doable, I got one 5.8. Makes you realize how extremely difficult the climbing is that...
  12. cory

    To all my beloved THers.

    Ok in this day and age we all understand that one routinely sees all manner of outrageous, unbelievable, and incrediblle things on the 'net. Jaw dropping vids are a dime per dozen. Well I present to you here the most amazing video I've ever seen. I was in tears in 5 seconds. The link is the...
  13. cory

    On DIY fixing tractors that require dealer software
  14. cory

    Best lube for bucket/basket axle

    I have a 5 year old Terex bucket truck, the axle that attaches the basket to upper boom has no grease fittings, you are supposed to spray lube it. Early on it started ratcheting while leveling during boom movement instead of moving smoothly as it levels. I've tried virtually every lube. A few...
  15. cory

    Intermittent fasting

    Seems to be a new dietary rage lately. I do it frequently when at work- eating only between hours of 4pm to 8pm, approximately. Anyone else?
  16. cory

    Cables and bolts

    This came up OTJ recently. A large white oak with a high large crotch with an old split in it, showing signs of minor increased splitting. I normally recommend cables as they have the most leverage/strength. Are bolts thru the crotch helpful? I've always wondered because they are so low they...
  17. cory

    Computer Science, blockchain

    Computer science is, as Joe Rogan might say, some extremely heavy sh*t. Tree forums got me started on the interwebs. I knew very little then about the ins and outs of things Cyber, but the forums (reading and posting) created some literacy. A few years ago there was a college text book on...
  18. cory

    EAB tips

    EAB is 'suddenly' around here in a big way. Just wondering about a few basic questions from you EAB vets- Are they going to eat all the ash trees? I've heard an EAB ash dies differently than an ash that dies by other means, making them unstable or trickier to work with than a non EAB ash? With...
  19. cory

    Keyless entry on cars

    Sure, I'm a dinosaur, but this things suck and are the opposite of progress. I googled them and apparently they make cars harder to steal by hot-wiring but of course easier to steal in other ways. When are engineers going to figure out that a large market segment wants a simpler, more basic...
  20. cory

    Beer mile

    Yo this is pretty cool. I think we all understand what a beer mile is. Here is a vid of the latest world record: 1 mile run in 4.33 which is blazing fast afaik, and 4 beers drunk in that time, one at start of each lap. These boys can drink hard and run fast, gotta love it!! Action starts at...
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