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    Hey, @theTreeSpyder! I'm posting the link below because I think it fits in with the way that your mind works, and that therefore you might find it interesting. I have to confess that I have not been keeping up with this thread, so I will have to go back through and read it wherever I left off...
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    How do you like the new forum? New tricks for posting?

    @Burnham; What I've just done here is to use the "@" symbol followed by your username, with no spaces, to "mention" you in a post. Doing this should add one number to the total number of alerts you get at the top right of the screen, over the little symbol that looks like a bell...
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    How do you like the new forum? New tricks for posting?

    Hey, Burnham! I'm not sure if what I'm doing here is any kind of answer to your question, or not. What I did here was to highlight the above text in your previous post by left-clicking with my mouse, and dragging the mouse cursor over the text I wished to highlight. Once I'd selected all of...
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    First cut, Angle Or Gun?

    Hey, Al! If you don't mind my asking, did he do his diagonal cut first, from high to low? That is how I'm picturing this incident in my mind. He cuts high to low on a diagonal cut, then comes in on the horizontal cut below the big fat pie sitting above it, the wedge in the cut falls out, and...
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    TreeStuff Great Choice Sale, 25% Off Until July 5th, 2019

    Hey, folks! I just thought you might like to know about a killer sale going on at TreeStuff right now. Here's the link to the web page. The deal with this sale is that the prices are so low that TreeStuff is not even permitted to tell you in...
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    20% Off All Samson, DMM and Petzl Through 2-21-2019 Using Coupon Code FEB2019.

    Hey folks! I just browsed at and clicked on the "News" tab, and discovered that a sale exists that just started yesterday. It doesn't even show up on the front page of the web site that I get to see with my browser. Use the coupon code FEB2019 to get 20% off the full line of...
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    20% Off of ISC Products at TreeStuff with Coupon Code BESTISC

    Hey folks! Just thought I'd mention a possibly important deal for the right person. TreeStuff is having a 20% off promotion on ISC products by using the coupon code BESTISC during the checkout process. A couple of minor problems I have with the way this promotion is happening is that...
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    TreeStuff Flash Sale Extended to 11:59pm Sunday July 1st, 2018 !!

    Price breaks available on Captain Hook, Zig Zag, Hitch Climber pulley, etc. See the ad page for all the info. Here's the link. Hope this helps someone. Tim
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    TreeStuff Flash Sale Until 11:59pm Wed. 6/27/18!! No Coupon Code Needed. Treemotion

    Here's the link. Big discounts on a few great items. Treemotion harness, Hitch Climber pulley, etc. See the page for the full list of items, plus Nick's splicing course at $25.00. Tim
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    TreeStuff Sale, 15% Off Harnesses, Comm Systems, Etc. until 6/1/18

    Use the coupon code 500 to save 15% on all saddles & harnesses, throwline & throw weights, and Bluetooth communication systems. This sale runs from now until 11:59 pm on Friday, June 1st. (Harnesses)...
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    Flash sale at until April 22nd. Rope Runner $275, Zig-Zag $220, others

    Hey, folks! TreeStuff is having another flash sale! See the details on the web page I'm providing a link to. Read the details on that page to find out about all of the possibilities and requirements. I just thought that if anyone has been holding off on the purchase of a Rope Runner or a...
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    TreeStuff, Cyber Monday, 37 Flash Sale Items, + 17% off until 11:59pm, 11/27/2017!!

    Hey, folks! TreeStuff has done the amazing thing of choosing to put every "flash sale" item from this entire Thanksgiving weekend of flash sales back up for grabs, today only! So if there was something you missed earlier, you still have time to get it. Plus take another 17% off with the...
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    TreeStuff 17% Off Sitewide, + Flash Sales!!

    Hey guys and gals! Use the coupon code HEARTTREE to get 17% off everything on the site until 11:59pm on Monday 11/27/2017. Plus steep discounts on flash sale items in addition to the 17% off. Here's the link to the web page. Tim
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    20% Off Rope Runner @ TreeStuff Until 4/28/2017.

    Hey, folks! Sorry I didn't learn about this sooner; only about one more day to take advantage. It's a flash sale of 20% off on select items until 4/28/2017. Use coupon code FLASHME. Here's a link to the web page. This should bring the price of...
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    A Tree Feller in the Making.
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    15% Off at TreeStuff Innovation Labs through Friday 7/10/2015 !!

    This includes, I believe, the Matt Cornell rope saddle and the APTA. Here is the link. Tim Use coupon code LAB15
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    New guy question, can branches without leaves just be dormant?

    Hey, folks! Thanks in advance for any help with this question. I've lately been climbing in an oak tree on occasion. (I haven't specifically identified the species.) Although the tree is in full bloom, with big leaves everywhere, there are some branches with buds on them that have no leaves...
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    Any Rope Wrench or Hitch Hiker users here?

    Hey, Randy! This is the one and only shot I have so far that gives an idea of how I have my Hitch Hiker climbing system set up. I took it awhile back on a day that I was not climbing, and had my gear inside so that I could try out an idea I had in the back of my mind. So, it is not a pic...
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    What tool or method do you use to determine your elevation when in a tree?

    Hey, guys and gals! I've been wondering for a little while how you experienced climbers determine the height of the trees that you're working in, or the height of your highest tie-in point, etc. I've seen some folks on this forum refer to their elevation in a tree with a fairly high...
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    14% Off at TreeStuff Through Monday Dec. 1st!

    Hey guys and gals! I almost missed this sale at TreeStuff because I don't check my e-mail often enough. It's only because another forum member mentioned it that I found out about it. I'll try to embed a link to the pertinent web page here. I...
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