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  1. theTreeSpyder skill parallels

    i always look to the sides/ to parallel industries working under same concepts for re-affirmations, different view of same gems, possible contradictions and why etc. sometimes bringing new focus, solutions etc. Here i think they might even be talking about us as re-verberate quite concisely root...
  2. theTreeSpyder

    Quick Cure , Marinade and Slow Cool

    Process i favor for pork, some beef, partially chicken. . Sanitation says to keep everything out of between 40-140 as increasingly active (to about 115 or so) bacteria that can affect our bodies most, as do well in most parallel environment/temp. But i remember trays of pork especially covered...
  3. theTreeSpyder

    Wire Rope This manual contains simple how-to instructions for splicing on cable yarding systems. It also features information on creating the various splicing connections you need, along with special connections, such as...
  4. theTreeSpyder

    Benchmark Species

    Perhaps from working with numbers of distance, force, cosine etc. i always look for a range lo-hi to look at stuff. For me locally, in trees, the high range benchmark personal fave is the slower, more tenaciously growing, heavy as lead, tough as iron: Majestic Live Oak. . i rate wound sealing...
  5. theTreeSpyder

    Jump Back Junior!

    This tree fell in Hurricane, partially blocked road, few of us civies cut and folded some limbs to open street up 5am day after; neighborhood looked like a war zone. We live on a DeadEnd of another DeadEnd(yeah, no surprise); no electric (which went 10days,then no internet) so in/out was a very...
  6. theTreeSpyder


    Test Flash build series of conversions to then show on youTube. >>presently slideshow stills, but working towards animation sequences(biology, hinging, knotting etc.) >>next: should see where left opening to show BBR, pre/finishing cuts to fight fiber disruption in finishing cut,undercut...
  7. theTreeSpyder

    Tech Toys: Android TV + Amazon Prime + now the Amazonian ms.Alexa

    Well used thing i got this year was $100 Amazon Prime 1yr.; 2 day shipping, gave it to her for her birthday, under her name , so all purchases start there (hint, hint). . Amazon TV/Movie library on this toy:s905 Android TV box (many out there) (note: very stable, especially if has own powered...
  8. theTreeSpyder

    Haunting Lessons that still take breath away

    Still haunting me; Local crew of 3 brothers; 1/untied thrown out of bucket while rigging off it. . i, found myself standing there few months later closing a job at end of day; With 2 brothers from neighboring job, 1 brother telling me how he watched his brother on fully...
  9. theTreeSpyder


    i made this 15yrs.+ ago for intro training cutting by school workers; this grew to the school offering onsite training. .
  10. theTreeSpyder

    Trees: Misunderstood Creatures

    Remember (y)our roots / Tree Church time!! . Trees helped settle the planet, by joining into the ecosystem so well. Earth, is battered by raw Sun energy constantly. . This energy as any other cannot be created nor destroyed, only used, stored or converted and light as an energy can also be...
  11. theTreeSpyder

    Backing up data: RichCopy

    Quotes: "There is no part# for your data" "Backing up means never having to say your sorry" "Data is made of unubtanium and can only be cloned not created" . Backing up can be a drudgery, but also can be automated; and can really save your butt, tax records, kids pix etc. Can backup as a disk...
  12. theTreeSpyder


    Rope is such a magical tool; to do all it does to pull and support, then fold up at the end of the day like it was nothing! All at once, it is so simple it is complicated. Things that look the same; are different because of the way they are lined up and how the force flows thru them. Like...
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