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  1. arborworks1

    Equipment care

    Anyone using spray on wax to keep equipment looking sharp?
  2. arborworks1

    Retractable roof for chip box

    Need some ideas for a retractable roof on the chip box.
  3. arborworks1


    I'm having trouble with the saw dieing as I hit the throttle after it idles for a few seconds. It fires right back up and cuts fine. Any one else having issues with the mtronic?
  4. arborworks1

    Winter work gloves

    We have been using atlas therma gloves most winters. Any other recommendations for warm gloves?
  5. arborworks1

    Dump trailer for sale.

    7x14 gooseneck dump trailer. 4ft tall sides. New tires and new front axle. Onboard battery charger, led taillights. D ring tie downs in bed. New battery $5000.00
  6. arborworks1

    Mulch sales

    Do most of you sell chipper mulch or just give it away?
  7. arborworks1

    Billing for ground protection

    How do you all sit with billing for using ground mats?
  8. arborworks1

    Facebook friends.

    Everyone who has Facebook look up delainey tree experts. They have a group page started, give the guy a little professional feedback. I'm afraid he is going to kill himself!!
  9. arborworks1

    Tree spades

    Anyone have any experience or insight on spades. I was looking at getting a used model for my bobcat. But then I came across a truck mounted Vermeer for about the same money. Obviously the bobcat mount would be much more versatile!
  10. arborworks1

    Vitamin c

    Does anyone take megadoses of vitamin C? I've felt much better since starting a routine. I did get off the bandwagon for about a week and felt my body giving in to the normal crap that comes with this odd weather time of year. Everyone around me has been sick with a cold or flu or something...
  11. arborworks1

    Shock hitch

    Anyone running an air cushioned hitch? Been doing some research and it looks like a good investment for my comfort anyway. Has been my bias so far.
  12. arborworks1

    Mounting backpack blower on chipper

    I have a spot on the woodsman that I can fit the blower on a rack. I'm thinking the vibrations might damage the blower after some time. Thoughts?
  13. arborworks1

    Ms 880

    Any interest in an 880. Has maybe 10 hrs on it. Have a 42 and a 60 inch bar. Make me an offer.
  14. arborworks1

    Saving lightening struck pine

    Ive injected some nutribooster in the tree. It's by a creek so plentyof water available. There are a few frass spots and pitchtubes from beetles starting. Maybe a dozen. Any suggestions?
  15. arborworks1


    Anyone put eyes on these saws yet. I read awhile back that they are slowly getting stocked. I seem to be developing numb hands from running 2 cycle equipment so any reduction in vibes is what I'm after. Plus I need to replace an aging 440.
  16. arborworks1

    Altec lrv 56

    I have started having trouble with my upper boom moving slow. Noticed the pistol grip control was hitting the aux control handle. When I moved it a little upper boom resumed operations. My question is can the aux controls be eliminated altogether???
  17. arborworks1

    Wheeler log loader trailer

    I'm selling my loader trailer. It has new brakes and tires. Many spare parts. The wood decking will be replaced before sale as well. Great trailer, I'm selling cause I'm upgrading. 18,500.00.
  18. arborworks1

    Drying wood

    For some small projects. What is the best way to dry wood? Let it dry in log form? or cut the rough shape out then dry it?
  19. arborworks1

    For Sale - Bobcat hydro stump grinder

    Anyone fancy a stumper to fit your skidsteer? Equipped with greenteeth. Bobcat model sg-60. Make offer.
  20. arborworks1

    Increment borer

    Looking into purchasing a proper boring tool. What's the best bang the buck?
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