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  1. Dave Shepard


    Saw a blurb on Instagram. No specs. Anyone heard anything about it?
  2. Dave Shepard

    500i air cleaner.

    So, one of the guys where my friend works got a 500 i a couple weeks ago. Today he was blowing out the air cleaner again, so both times I've seen the saw he's got the air filter off. I told him I'd seen him blowing that air filter out more than I've ever blown out my 394/395 filters, which is...
  3. Dave Shepard

    What cranes do you own/work with?

    Just curious what cranes people own, or what you work with when you hire. A friend runs a Grove 3060 for his company and for rentals.
  4. Dave Shepard

    Leather working.

    Might as well have all the leather working talk in one place. I'm sure Jim will have his leather out this winter when it hits a -40. :/: I'm thinking about getting some tools to make some sheaths for axes and chisels. Not sure where to start. I'm looking for good stuff, don't need any junk.
  5. Dave Shepard

    395xp coil.

    My 395 got smashed and the coil wire was damaged. It appears the wires are not replaceable like on the 394. Where's the best place to buy a coil? Thanks. In searching, I found a big bore top end kit for $110. Is this junk, or a scam? Some of the cooling fins got snapped. Not sure if that's...
  6. Dave Shepard

    Really wide boots.

    Anybody here with sasquatch feet? I'm wearing 12 EEEEEE boots, and I have a hell of a time stretching them out to fit. Looking for something wider.
  7. Dave Shepard

    Flat screen TVs.

    I need to upgrade to a flat screen, but I know nothing about them. We are getting fiber in town, and I will need a TV to stream stuff. I was looking at them in Target tonight. The smallest was 40", which is too big. There were all kinds of things I'd never heard of like refresh rates and Hulu...
  8. Dave Shepard

    Husky air filtration.

    I don't want to hijack another thread, so I'll put this one up. There is always a back and forth regarding air filtration with chainsaws. I bought a new 395XP this spring, and have 22 or 23 tanks of fuel through it. This is the first time I've had the cover off of the filter, and it's so clean...
  9. Dave Shepard

    Cell signal boosters.

    I just spent 15 minutes on the Wilson Electronics site trying to figure out what kind of antenna and booster might work for me. It gave me a ******* tumor, so I gave up. Anybody use one of these? I think by the time there is a good cell signal in this town, people will be communicating with...
  10. Dave Shepard

    The Logging Thread

    From the Official Work Pictures Thread: "We don't have an Official logging thread, so I guess this goes here. Myrtle's first official log on my pine job. 30' x22" white pine. Going to be a ridge beam in a Cruck frame. I've been playing around all week getting my skid trail opened up and the...
  11. Dave Shepard

    Chef's knives

    I'm looking at Wusthof and Lamson. Anyone have any experience with either? I like German stuff, but Lamson is made in the US.
  12. Dave Shepard

    Moved in and....

    ....the real cleaning begins! I'm now living in my grandparents house which had been vacant for four years. Amazing how much stuff there is packed in there. Finding some neat stuff about my grandfathers company, ForestAll, here and there. A lot of photos and paperwork to be dealt with. Going to...
  13. Dave Shepard

    MS660, sleeper, or dud?

    I'm in the market, or maybe just the mood, for a new saw. I've got to replace the 394, as I don't have any other running saws, well I do have the Husky 66, but it's a tad small. I know the 660 isn't the same as the old 066, but I was wondering if a dual port muffler and a retune would make up...
  14. Dave Shepard

    Case hardening of cutters?

    Yesterday I tried to sharpen a chain that had been sharpened at the saw shop on a grinder. With a brand new file I was unable to properly sharpen the cutter, and with a new flat file I couldn't take down the rakers unless I came at them from a 45 degree angle. Once I got the top taken off, I...
  15. Dave Shepard

    394XP circlip failure.

    Took the 394 apart this morning. Circlip is MIA on clutch side, piston cracked, jug is junk. Is this a common failure? I think I read something saying certain brands of piston clips were junk. Not sure what to do now. I think another jug is either going to be hard to find, or hard to afford. I...
  16. Dave Shepard

    WTB RSLFK 105 DL, .375", .050" or .058"

    RSLFK 105 DL, .375", .050" or .058" What's the deal on an uneven link count, just leave off a cutter?
  17. Dave Shepard

    So I've got a (nother) new hobby.

    Collecting straight edge razors.:lol: I started on Sunday and I'm up to six so far. Anyone ever give it a try? I'm going to get setup this weekend and give it a shot. I seem to have an affinity for anything sharp.:/:
  18. Dave Shepard

    Forum speed

    Anyone else having an issue with forum speed? Normally, I would think it was my connection, but all the other places I visit are operating at normal speed. Just wondering if my computer is not optimized for the new forum software or something.:? It takes about 20 seconds to load a page, and it's...
  19. Dave Shepard

    Sycamore dust

    We were cleaning up around the home base today and we had to take out a sycamore stump that had sprouted into a rather nice giant mess about 12 feet tall. I fired up the saw and went into it swinging and slashing and came right back out coughing, hacking and choking.:lol: Anyone else ever get...
  20. Dave Shepard

    Hows this for cheap?

    I bent the tube and shaft on my FS250 last winter. (Backhoe vs brushcutter :roll: ) I took it apart tonight, and straightened the shaft. The tube snapped when I tried to straighten it, no surprise there. So I'm going to end trim the tube and weld a new piece on the end. $10 bucks for a piece of...
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