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  1. Ax-Man

    Doublegrinding wood chips for good mulch

    Does anyone know of a cheap way to double grind wood chips on a small scale to turn them into a more desireable mulch that people seem to prefer these days. I don't have a problem at the moment getting rid of the chips but that might change someday and I might get forced into the mulch business...
  2. Ax-Man

    Aftermarket parts ?????

    It has been awhile since I had a project saw on my bench but I found a couple of 66's /64's that I can rebuild . They are missing parts like the starter housings, chain brake handles and top handle. It has been awhile since I have cruised the saw salvage dealers for used parts. I have noticed...
  3. Ax-Man

    Don't forget to check for loose spark plugs

    It has been awhile since I started a thread so with it being a dull rainy Saturday night I figured I might as pass this little bit of info along. Ever run a Stihl saw and for no apparent reason it just starts to run a little squirrely. You start to ask yourself what the heck is causing this...
  4. Ax-Man

    Running saws with loose mufflers

    I should be able to answer this question without having to post a thread but I am going to post it anyway. I have two saws with this loose muffler problem . One is a 200 and the other is a 076. I have tried to fix both these saw by tapping and threading the holes in the cylinder for the next...
  5. Ax-Man

    Homemade log arch

    I made a comment in the GRCS truck mount thread in the Tree Felling and Rigging forum. This was a sister project I finally got completed a few weeks ago along with the truck mount.I guess this recession is good for something,like getting pet projects done. I wanted to see how the arch worked...
  6. Ax-Man

    Feeding upright chunks of wood into a chippper. good or bad???

    I have wondered about this for a long time weather it is good or bad to feed short chunks of wood upright instead of horizontal the way you feed limbs into a chipper. Every once in awhile we have to do this so we don't have to make a trip back for waste wood. 12 inch dia. wood is about the max...
  7. Ax-Man

    Felling leaning Red oak

    My turn for tree felling and picture posting for better or worse for my skills as a faller:lol:. I am not a logger nor a real expert at felling whole trees in the woods. Most of my work is felling the stick after the top has been removed. Here goes. Going to be alot of pics so bear wit me. Also...
  8. Ax-Man

    The portable chainsaw and trimmer stand

    Check this out, everyone who has a chainsaw needs one of these. Wonder where I could order one. I have also been wasting my time hand filing all these years when I could have been mechanized.
  9. Ax-Man

    Premixed gas to cure carb issuses.

    I had to change Stihl dealers as my old dealer finally have to give up his business due to health issuses and financial troubles due to increased competition. I was at my new dealer picking up parts. The subject of crummy gas and carb troubles came up. The tech said to try some of this new...
  10. Ax-Man

    Is there something special about this saw.

    Is there anything special about this JD saw that I am missing ? I have my reasons for asking. I am looking for comments at the moment. No way could it be a collectable saw or at least not to me. It was made by Echo and I think it is a 70 V or 80 EV. I am not sure. An Echo 750 is as close as I...
  11. Ax-Man

    19mm impact socket works good for clutch removal

    Just thought I would pass this along. Working on my old 028 Super that developed an air leak in the seal on the clutch side. The clutch has to come off to get at. The darn thing was being stubborn last night. Even with my son holding down the saw with his feet so I could work with both hands...
  12. Ax-Man

    020 AVP Super with FS202 trimmer, brush cutter and HS 202

    I swiped these two gems if this is what you want to calll them about 2 -3 years ago off of E-Bay. I posted a pic of the hedge trimmer attachment for an 020 a long time ago but just brought it back up. It was easy enough to bolt that up to a good looking saw I had on the shelf. The trimmer...
  13. Ax-Man

    Any rock hounds here in the Treehouse.

    Here are some pics. The more I research this the more I think I have just a plain old dark colored river rock that attracts a magnet. The native rocks in our area aren't this dark colored. Who knows where it came from. I know it looks rounded from erosion but who is to say a glacier didn't...
  14. Ax-Man

    Any rock hounds here in the Treehouse.

    This is not a joke and I haven't gone off the deep end and this is a little different subject matter other than trees and chainsaws, politics and religion. I think I may have found a metorite on our property and need some more information about them and how to go about finding out if this rock...
  15. Ax-Man

    some old saws

    More old saws With the big weather event in the Midwest, a low pressure system disturbing things up in Minn. causing high winds in the Midwest that pretty much shut down any high tree work. It was a good day to get started on some pre- winter maintenance like oil changes on some trucks. The...
  16. Ax-Man

    020 with clearing bow bar

    Butch thought I got lost due to the change over. :lol::lol: I told him I would get a post in soon. Thought I would do one better and start a thread for kicks. This saw was bought new back in the 80's for about $ 550.00 which was mucho dinero for a saw back then. The saw is a 020 Super with the...
  17. Ax-Man

    Wet air filter problem

    I have two pieces of equipment suffering from this problem. One is HT 101 and the other one that just showed up today in an older 020 AVP beater saw. Both pieces do fine till the air filters get wet from too much mix then they start to run doggy or just won't start which is what happens with the...
  18. Ax-Man

    Price check on air filter

    Can some of you guys do me a favor over the course of the next few days or the coming week if your not too busy call for a price check at your local Sthil dealers for an air filter for a MS 200 rear handled saw. The part number is 1129 120 1603. These filters are the round ones not the square...
  19. Ax-Man

    290 Morbark

    Oh heck I might as well see if I can find a buyer for my chipper also. 92, 290 Morbark, 4 knife disc, Cummins 4 cyl diesel with turbo, dual feed rollers. The machine is in good shape. I have kept up with this machine while it has been in my care. The biggest thing was a having a...
  20. Ax-Man

    Port-a-wrap attachment

    I have been taking advantage of one of the guys that helps me out with his new Blackberry camera phone that takes some very nice pictures. I made this little homemade set-up for a porty out of some odds and ends. I like it for doing light,medium duty type lowering using a porta-a-wrap. It is...
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