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  1. wiley_p

    New gear

    The guys from Petzl came over from France yesteday and showed off some of the new gear fro this year. Damn sweet Double rope rig, nice throwbags and new throwline among other things. They really made the Top harness super comfortable. And the Zig-Zag is slick. I already see a way to run it in SRT.
  2. wiley_p

    Prime jackassery

    I pulled a funny stunt this morning. Yesterday I went out with a buddy and his wife up to Baker lake to climb a big old growth I found. We had to pack gear thru deep snow and spent a good deal of time getting everything rigged.By the end of if it all I was spent. Of course we celebrated our...
  3. wiley_p

    Unicender glitch One came in to the shop last week. Failed on a climber while aloft. No injuries or fall, just a little elevation of heart rate. I sent the bad unit to Rock that day.
  4. wiley_p

    1" block

    CMI came out with thier new 1" block. Going to be beating it it down the next few weeks. See how it does. I like the simple makeup. Not a clean as the DMM, but made here in the USA, and not too steep in price.
  5. wiley_p

    440 is back

    I was at Woods this afternoon and found out that the 440 is back in production in the US, for a while at least. Good news I figure.
  6. wiley_p

    82 yards with a Bow?

    I read an article in the back of the Northwest Sportsman, which sadly is not even close to the quality of Fishing and Hunting News which it replaced. Anyway, the article talked about how this pair of hunters had ranged an Elk at 82 yards and took the shot. They claimed they practiced at this...
  7. wiley_p

    Colorado ice climber and author.

    Craig Luebben fell and died on a route in the North Cascades. RIP my man.
  8. wiley_p


    Anybody watched Watson and his moronic adventures in the Southern ocean. These guys are the worst in seamanship I have ever seen. Whale wars. Too bad for the whales, these clowns aren't much help.
  9. wiley_p

    Kunde gets broke in proper

    Here's some pics of Nathan Kunde doing his first 0 impact removal. It was a bitch too, no drop zone to speak of. Everything had to get drifted out about 40 feet from the hole and set in a small spot by the house. The kid weighs like 105# so considering the block and big saw weigh half what he...
  10. wiley_p

    cool side job

    I had an ad on craigslist, this isn't tree work, but hell 450.00 sounds decent heh? Hello, I am David and I'm responding to your advert on craigslist, I will be needing your handyman service to help me with setting up my apartments, I am buying new furniture such as a set of couch, dinning...
  11. wiley_p

    1 year ago

    It's been a year since the Ranger sank, finally after all these years of ANYO running ops, the USCG might be looking into it.
  12. wiley_p

    Wesspur 2009

    Picked up the new catalog yesterday. Lots of new inventory. Was particularly intrigued by the Buck blocks, have to check that out. They have the new "sport" fliplines from Yale, they are the shit.
  13. wiley_p

    weekdays or weekend?

    I'm curious which folks would prefer, going to training seminars on weekdays or weekends? I am thinking if an employer is paying for their emplyees to go, they would prefer a weekend schedule so as to not lose production. The same line of reasoning could be applied to the individual treeman, get...
  14. wiley_p

    English, do you speak it?

    Our wonderful PC state, which by the way is in a several billion dollar budget shortfall, has another clever move. We are now required to get a boater safety card, an easy way for the state to get 10.00 from every boater. The kicker is the study guide printed in English costs 10.50. The guide...
  15. wiley_p

    Would you do this for free?

    I'm in a bit of a spot here. I had told the developer that owns my property that if they had a tree that was sketch for them I would take care of it. Meaning, local, 2 maybe 3 hours work kind of deal, maybe even a couple of times. Well he wants to know if I will go to Delaware and do this...
  16. wiley_p

    Anyone need help in the Gulf area?

    Work is slowing for a bit here in TX, I was wondering if anyone needs a hand in the Gulf states for a couple of weeks. We don't anticipate a contract till middle of November. Not wanting to drive home just yet.
  17. wiley_p

    PNW meteor shower

    Folks here around the PNW, the Perseus meteor show will be good early tomorrow morning. Should be easy to see in the East from about 0200 till 0430. I have always liked the idea of burning rocks from space hurtling into our atmosphere.:evil: Check it out.
  18. wiley_p

    21 left in the water

    Happy easter everyone. I'm hoping for some more news on a little problem that developed on one of my old boats. The Alaska Ranger lost steering and started taking on water early this am. 47 crew made it into suits and got into rafts, as of 2hrs ago 26 hade been retrieved by the AK Warrior and...
  19. wiley_p

    Crazy Kids?

    I started a hazard analysis for a developer today but wasn't able to make much headway. All the corners and monuments had been pulled, watershed boundary marker, etc. Out of about 200 trees only a handful didn't have crap like this painted on them.
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