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  1. surveyor

    Moving Bur Oak

    Not sure if this category is right, but I suppose it could go either way. Maybe Paul Cox should consult with the boss named in the article : )...
  2. surveyor

    T4 bacteriaphage

    This is sort of a test to see how to attach a picture file to a post, but if this works, this picture is an electron scan of a virus that infects an e. coli bacteria. It begins to replicate DNA and inject into the host within 10 minutes and at such speed that after only a few minutes the host...
  3. surveyor

    Bulldog Bone

    Thought I would start a new thread about the Bulldog Bone that I have made that works very well SRT and can be used also DdRT, by posting a few videos of it. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. surveyor

    log arch/ trolley cart

    I have been following the Stein thread with interest. Thanks for all the great vids! I thought it would be neat to have a trolley cart that would convert easily to a log arch, and since I had 2 14" inch wheels and a small arc welder I thought I would make one. Here it is in the log arch...
  5. surveyor

    Bulldog OAR

    I have been working on this OAR (Offset Ascending Rack). It slips on the line mid-line by swiveling the link pins up, wrapping the rope around the pins, and through the swing arms. A neat feature of this swivel link spine, is that the OAR will tend slack in the normal manner. The top attach...
  6. surveyor


    Hello all, first post here. I am not a climber, my profession is a registered Land Surveyor here in NC, but I love making various climbing gear and have also made a device called a Bulldog OAR (see youtube). I had this pulley rack at the Charlotte competition, and Paul was kind enough to give...
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