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  1. Al Smith

    Another Tip - Solitary Leveling

    I have no idea who or if this would apply to anybody but here goes .So you want to shoot grade elevation with a sight level and you have no helper to hold the story pole .A bucket of fine stone will get you close enough .It would be different if you really need some accuracy like a foundation...
  2. Al Smith

    Supply and demand

    Mechanically speaking nothing is impossible .However at times you have to get real creative .For example the track rollers on my old Oliver crawler .They were originally made by Atlas track and parts became NLA decades ago . Track rollers use plain bearings because of the shock loads...
  3. Al Smith

    More gizmos

    A lot of this odd ball stuff might be of interest or it might not .You can shake an engine loose using a grease gun filled with oil using a home made adapter made from an old spark plug with a grease zert .Most grease guns put out 5,000 PSI so it will either come or bleed. I have a zillion pipe...
  4. Al Smith

    Okay plumbing this time

    You have a copper water line leaking but the damned thing is full of water .Pack it full of bread to block it off .Take the screens off the faucets and open the valve once you get it done .You can't solder a line full of water or steam .The bread will blow right out like yesterdays news .
  5. Al Smith

    Geeze another one

    If you are doing any clutch work it's not a bad idea while it's apart to change the pilot bearing in the flywheel .If it's a bushing they don't usual go bad .Now the problem could be getting the old bearing out .If you have a little slide hammer some times you can hook it .Here's what you do...
  6. Al Smith

    Another tip

    It's nearly impossible to seal the moisture from getting in an engine if it sits a long time .As such you could have a lot of problems one being stuck valves .If you roll it over with a stuck valve you take a chance of bending a push rod and that would suck . My cure is take the valve cover off...
  7. Al Smith

    Another tale from the junk yard

    This is about old hydraulic cylinders .The older style were made to be rebuilt forever it's just very few do it .They are 3000 PSI rated but built differently than a modern cylinder .The shaft seals for example were made originally with preformed rope seals but standard valve packing will work...
  8. Al Smith

    Another junk yard dawg fix

    I've got more half fast fixes than Carters has little pills .So this one is sticking clutches .Some of the old junk I have is in excess of 50 years old .They work just fine if they get regular usage but can cause you fits if they sit for a long time . Clutches for example .Eventually the front...
  9. Al Smith

    Al's half fast repairs

    Damned rodents got me again .Mouse or chipmunk chewed a hole in the return fuel line of my Ranger ,leaked gas like a sieve .Several ways to repair it,either remove the bed,jack it up like I did or drop the gas tank .Parts coming from flea bay,can't find them locally . I need a few ferrets or...
  10. Al Smith

    Chitty job

    In the process of laying down about 12-15 tons of crushed stone for a pad for a 40 foot shipping container two trees had to come out .The stumps had to cut cut off below grade .I really dislike doing that but it had to be done . I used an 024 Stihl for two reasons .One it's the only saw I have...
  11. Al Smith

    Wind shear pig nut hickory

    I had mentioned this on another thread .Big storm front pushing ahead of it either wind shear or gust-nado conditions that can often reach 110 miles per hour .Snapped the top out of this thing like it was a tooth pick .It was around 100 foot with about 40 left standing . I might have to do some...
  12. Al Smith


    I just got word yesterday a guy i used to work around was involved in a fatal accident while dropping a tree .Details are a tad vague From what I gather he had a leaner and took a strain on it with a big tractor,over tensioned it ,it barber chaired and got him .Be careful out there .This guy...
  13. Al Smith

    Dead shag bark

    Todays victim 100 foot dead shag bark .Of course I hung the pot licker on the fall which is nothing new to me .I have a hard time finding a hole to put them down in but I've became an expert in unhanging them . Maybe a cord and 500 bd foot of saw log but with the flaws I'll call it half that...
  14. Al Smith

    Top blown

    I didn't even know this thing got wind blown until yesterday .I got no idea when it happened except it's got a top full of died on the vine leaves .So it must have been in summer . I just couldn't leave that widow maker .My Lawd if that thing got one of my grand kids I could never forgive...
  15. Al Smith

    Fireplace mantle

    I've been fiddling with this thing for about a week . It started out as windfall about 5-7 years ago .Had a guy bandsaw it and stored it stickered to air dry in my shop .Turned out okay as far as the lumber . Mrs Smith being Mrs Smith wanted something with a little bling to it so here it is...
  16. Al Smith

    Stihl bg 85

    I got this thing after Toms' boys ran over it with a truck crushing the case like an egg shell .Found a case with a blown engine cheap from flea bay ,runs great . Today I bought a gutter kit from the dealer and it certainly is handy .Took me about ten minutes to blow the crud out of the eave...
  17. Al Smith

    Storm damage

    This is just one of several the wind destroyed .It really wasn't a big deal although I was at it about all day .Broke off about 25 foot up . You gotta kind of cut your way into a mess like that .Geeze I have a brush pile the size of a single car garage from this bushy SOB . Fence posted it...
  18. Al Smith

    Husqvarna seals

    Seals in general really .Husqvarna for one uses square shouldered bearing and seal surfaces on the crankshaft .In a situation like that it would very easy to missinstall a seal causing a failure as some have found out unfortunately . A very simple method is to use the thin plastic from a tube...
  19. Al Smith

    Windsor speed tip

    Windsor I think made the original replacable bar tip and I believe it's this three rivet model .They made bars for just about every make of saw at one time and especially McCulloch . This 32" bar was given to me and was odd indeed as it is a 50 thou groove bar but had a .404 nose on it ,10...
  20. Al Smith

    200T case split

    Actually it's Toms 020T which has a 200T case .The thing was leaning out so I changed the bearings seal crank shaft from the original cases . What I found out was the crank had excessive play both lateraly plus up and down on the clutch side .I checked 4 cases .My stock and souped 200 .The...
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