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  1. Al Smith

    Anyone make their own chains?

    You have to remember I do not use a chainsaw to make a living .As a restorer/collector I've got all the time in the world to do stuff like this .I've got partial rolls of chain ,many brand new loops in boxes that could be 50 years old .plus lots of tie straps ,cutters etc .Fact I have one of the...
  2. Al Smith

    Anyone make their own chains?

    I normally just spin a chain up as a repair .A majority of my Stihl branded chains came from the tool boxes of my buddy's bucket truck .It is good chain though . A lot are cut downs from 24" loop to 20"depending on the damage .The two MS 200t's I buy the loops ,rapid super .
  3. Al Smith

    Restoring an old saw VS buying a new one.

    I'm a collector restoration type so I'd restore it .Old saying--one mans poison is another mans meat .Besides that it's not rocket science .
  4. Al Smith

    Masterblaster aka Butch Ballowe III

    It goes back to A-S Butch and I heckled each other which turned into a friendship When he started this site I was one of the first to be invited .Not without problems I might say from outside interference mainly from jealous forum site owners .With that their true colors were made very clear...
  5. Al Smith

    Anyone can start any engine...using the drill powered Pullstarter

    That has to be the hardest saw ever made to pull over .Either that or mine has been souped and I don't know because I've never been inside it .Those Swedes are tough but they can't be that tough .
  6. Al Smith

    Welders? Any welders on this site?

    FWIW 3" ridged steel conduit is 3.090 ".Slightly less wall thickness the sced 40 pipe .It would be plenty strong enough for this project .Don't get threaded steel conduit confused with EMT ( thin wall ) because it's not the same stuff .
  7. Al Smith

    Some Gasoline tech

    Well my gawd they fuss about the damned gas .Run 100 octane LL from the airport,Marine gas ,Cam II and carry on about it like it's a fully restored Rolls Royce vintage 1936 .Then comes the oil and really gets anal ,talk about huff and snort . I just don't know how I've every gotten my old saws...
  8. Al Smith

    Some Gasoline tech

    I've heard the problems with ethanol but honestly never experienced any myself .About the only thing perhaps is the diaphragms getting stiff on the carbs .That just requires a rebuild which isn't that big of a deal,more so a nuisance . As far as power per gallon of fuel they say it takes 40 more...
  9. Al Smith

    Jerry B's Old Growth DVD

    If I want some publication I just get a hold of Mrs B ,Terri on face book . I don't think I have all of them but most .
  10. Al Smith

    carb repair for the ms 200T

    The thread goes back a lot longer than I thought it had .If I didn't say it before I had sent one carb to Eddie Anderson who at the time worked at Stihl Va Beach .They ran it through the carb lab and found internal leaks but could not determine exactly where it was .Eddie sent new a new carb...
  11. Al Smith

    What Are You Drinking Tonight?

    My usual ,Black Velvet straight up with Bud Light .
  12. Al Smith

    Chuck and duck/ old school drum chipper adjustments

    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger ,I'm retired and it still takes forever to get anything done
  13. Al Smith

    Chuck and duck/ old school drum chipper adjustments

    It's been a long while but if memory serves the knives are set at around 45 thou off the anvil .Tom once had an old Lindag his monkeys tried to chip a chainsaw with .Got part of it done .I forgot what that tore up .Wound a bull rope through it ,part way and just flat stalled the Ford 300...
  14. Al Smith

    Pole Saw for home use

    I've got a cheap Poulan that works but it's not heavy duty by any means .Having said that it's more than paid for itself just in the time it's saved me .For what I use it for I can deal with it .
  15. Al Smith

    First cut, Angle Or Gun?

    It's fairly easy to set the cut using "gunning sticks " .In my case it's two 8 foot furring strips with a nail for a pivot point .It works for me . Makes sense if it worked for a big fat coastal red wood in 1910 it will work on a 3 foot diameter white oak in 2019 .The laws of physics have never...
  16. Al Smith

    First cut, Angle Or Gun?

    Here's how I think it went .It was a big fat old elm tree ,dead .I don't know if he missed the line up or just made the horizontal cut last and it pinched .I don't think he had a wedge driven to hold it up or not . I do know that older style 066 had some azz behind it ,I had ran it and it would...
  17. Al Smith

    First cut, Angle Or Gun?

    Well making the horizontal last is what caused Tom to spend some time in the hospital a few years back .Damned wedge dropped down pinching the bar on an 066 kicked back and got him bad .He's lucky he still has all his fingers .
  18. Al Smith

    West Cost power cuts

    Even :flagging" underground utilities is not fool proof .Fact on a flagged area I once ran a 18" auger on a line truck dead center of a 3" plastic natural gas line that did not have a trace wire installed .As luck would have it it was on the low pressure side of the pressure regulator . It...
  19. Al Smith

    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    I do a fair share of cooking mainly because I like to .This evening it was oven roasted potatoes and fried chicken breast strips highly seasoned .I was raised in the bland flavored food of the mid west but acquired a taste for more Cajun like stuff .With this stuff beer is a mandatory beverage...
  20. Al Smith

    Another Tip - Solitary Leveling

    I have no idea who or if this would apply to anybody but here goes .So you want to shoot grade elevation with a sight level and you have no helper to hold the story pole .A bucket of fine stone will get you close enough .It would be different if you really need some accuracy like a foundation...
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