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    milling thread

    I'll get some new pics up next week.
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    milling thread

    Nice one. I'm going to be trying out my 084. Picked up several more bars. No nice logs have crossed my path lately :-( Found a bunch of spalted wood. Weather's been crazy.
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    Drying wood

    I grabbed a thick bottom cut off a 30" black walnut this past week....freebie piece. Looks very nice and will make a fine work bench or shelf. Should I smooth the surface and peel it now, then seal the top? It is between two and six inches thick. Seven foot long with a double cathedral heart...
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    How do you like the new forum? New tricks for posting?

    I don't have enough time on the new forum to assume shit. Third log in maybe fourth. Sup Blaster
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    milling thread

    Felt like 800 pages...
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