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  1. rumination

    Bird Watching!

    I helped out with some albatross banding back when I lived in Hawaii. I believe this shot is from 2007.
  2. rumination

    How'd it go today?

    Did an aerial inspection and some minor pruning on a big Ficus this morning. Nice tree... and very, very, expensive tree.
  3. rumination

    Today I Learned...

    Good deal, Stig. From one vegetarian to another, I agree: a healthy greenhouse is a beautiful sight. :) Not the best pictures, but you get the idea. You can see some poorly timed plantings/harvests in the first picture. Not good having so many beds out of production at the same time.
  4. rumination

    Homemade haas style ascender

    Mine isn't nearly cool as you guys. But it makes up for that in being super small and light.
  5. rumination

    Alkylate fuels

    OK, this question is probably beating a very very dead horse, but I'm pretty ignorant on this subject so maybe you guys can shed some light on it for me. I've been looking at a thread on ArbTalk about Aspen alkylated fuel, and have heard Magnus mention it a few times. It sounds like there are...
  6. rumination

    Welcome TreeStuff.Com! Partners!

    Adam, could please set the link so that when clicking on the banner it opens up the TreeStuff website in a new tab instead of the current one? I think that would be more convenient. :) Here's a screenie for you.
  7. rumination

    Before & After Tree Care

    Sorry to disappoint you Guy, but that was just a halfway done picture. The tree was a removal. Severe basal decay. Honestly, once all of that heavy vine was removed the tree was probably strong enough to support itself for another couple years, but I was just the hit man on that job. The...
  8. rumination

    Before & After Tree Care

    This one was still worse. :D
  9. rumination

    How'd it go today?

    I had a nice climb in a native Liquidambar yesterday, right on the waters edge with the colors changing. Very enjoyable. A friend and fellow climber snapped a photo...
  10. rumination

    O.C.G.D. Thread, part two

    Just saw this Euro version of the GRCS over on Arbtalk. I want one!
  11. rumination

    The Official Work Pictures Thread

    That's a fatty Rajan! Here's a few from my last job, just to give you guys more visuals of tree work in Hong Kong. One of the neighbor's rides. I'd love to take one of these for a spin on a closed track someday. The crew hamming it up with the Hong Kong version of the Arbor Trolley. These...
  12. rumination

    A simple storm job

    Yes, foam, safety first!
  13. rumination

    The Official Work Pictures Thread

    Today's nightmare: Subject: One 40 foot Casuarina tree in a tight back yard. Tree is on top of 40 foot cliff with another house at the bottom. Oh, and the base is almost completely, frighteningly decayed. No problem, just another day in Hong Kong. But wait! This fine tree also happens...
  14. rumination

    cheap stainless steel

    I bought a cheap stainless steel water kettle a few days ago and discovered that it gives the boiled water a horrible metallic/chemical smell and taste. I've tried boiling vinegar a couple times and baking soda couple times and the smell/taste has improved slightly but the taint is still there...
  15. rumination

    The Official Work Pictures Thread

    Jon, did you buy a spyder lift? Wow! This isn't too exciting from a working perspective, but it was a pretty cool tree. The fattest cottonwood in New Mexico.
  16. rumination

    HAAS Knee Ascender

    Here's my simple version, cobbled together from bits I had lying around. I thought it would fall apart pretty quickly, but it's been in service for over 6 months. I love that it's small and light enough that I can fold it up and stuff it in my ditty sack and forget that I'm carrying it around.
  17. rumination

    Seeking spikes!

    Well I'm back in New Mexico for the summer and was getting my climbing gear ready to go back to work tomorrow and discovered that I left my spikes in Hong Kong. Now, generally I always forget to pack something, but usually it's not a $300+ piece of climbing kit. :whine: So, I'm wondering if...
  18. rumination

    Cutting EHS cable

    I'm curious what tools people are using to cut 3/8" EHS cable. What works well and what doesn't work well? Actually, I already know some things that don't work so well, which is why I'm asking...:|:
  19. rumination

    GRCS winch recall

    I saw this over at the Buzz and thought it would be worth posting here.
  20. rumination

    How'd it go today?

    That sure was an ugly one Stephen! Bummer to hear it's all just being burned in place, waste of good wood, but I'm guessing access isn't exactly convenient. No climbing or felling for me lately. This past week and next have been tree survey and risk assessment work. There have been a few...
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