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  1. DMc

    Hitch Hiker X

    Has anyone else seen this? I am assuming that it is with Paul's blessing? Hope so because I just ordered one.
  2. DMc

    New aluminum spurs

    After years of using my steel Buckingham spurs I decided to splurge and get a set of DMM Geckos. They are very comfortable and light. Even though the Bucks got the job done these light weight aluminums are a vast improvement.
  3. DMc

    Sena industrial These should be great when they come out but I wonder how much they will cost.
  4. DMc

    Green Lazer on APTA

    This was mentioned on another thread and Gary asked if I would post a picture so here it is. Having a lazer on the APTA is just awesome! This one is not as powerful as I would have liked, but the price was right and it works well. The picatinny rail is held on with two-sided tape and zip...
  5. DMc

    HH 2

    So the rumours are true, Paul has been working on a new HH. The HH 2 is a sweet little tool! Smaller, lighter, even stronger side plates and much more refined. The changes are quite noticeable and not just holding it or looking at it but it runs and handles better on rope. Here are some...
  6. DMc

    alternatives in land use

    I am by no means a rancher or farmer but have always preferred working with natural solutions. I was viewing this video and was wondering what some of you that have more experience in these things, like FFZ, thought of this as a way of improving diversity and land use potential...
  7. DMc

    Morbark SP111 HP3

    I had a friend ask my about this chipper as he is looking at one. I don't know anything about this model. Does anyone here? He says it has a 4 cylinder Perkins diesel.
  8. DMc

    Grivel twin gate

    What do you guys think of this type of locking/safety gate carabiner? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. DMc

    Knee ascender

    Lately I have been using this knee ascender set-up and have pretty much stopped using any hand ascenders. This works so well and your arms are free to be used for balance, passing limbs, whatever. You don't even need to take it off for moving around the tree if you don't want to. Just unclip...
  10. DMc


    I don't know if anyone is using the Uni, but if so, check this out.
  11. DMc

    Beal Uni Core

    Does anyone have any more information on this rope? Dave
  12. DMc

    Kong Futura chest ascender

    I recently got one of these in the hopes that it could replace the Petzl Croll in my climbing setup. It requires more care in placement than the Croll in order to have the rope feed smoothly and that is the only thing that the Croll does better. This thing is tiny and can be left in place all...
  13. DMc


    With everybody experimenting with the rope wrench/SRT, I thought I would continue updates on what I have found with my preferred tool for SRT, The Unicender. 8) With all of its positive and unique properties, the Uni is still lacking in some areas. Tailing the line is one of them. I...
  14. DMc

    Increment Borers

    I would like to get one and could use some feed back from those that are familiar with their use. Burnham, you just mentioned in the resistograph thread that you use them. What can and can't they do? Are the smaller sizes .169" or .200" large enough to get readable cores? What about the...
  15. DMc

    Fur and feathers

    Reading the 82 yards with a Bow thread reminded me that this forum is home to some very fine woodsmen. I have asked this question of many of the younger generation and have not gotten satisfactory answers. But I feel confident that this group will prove that this knowledge has not been lost...
  16. DMc

    My new buddy, Bob

    Had the pleasure of entertaining Bob Underwood and his lovely wife, Nancy, last night on their way home. My wife is taking classes from him on-line. Quite an informative fellow. I couldn't offer him any fantastic trees like some of the west coasters were able to do but I figured anyone who...
  17. DMc

    S Bend

    I was asked to take a look at this tree to remove. I can't remember seeing a Ponderosa with more of an S bend than this tree shows. Can't quite figure how it achieved this shape because it is growing in a stand of "normal" Ponderosas so it should have had the same protection they had during...
  18. DMc

    Anybody use this technique?

    Just wondering if any of you guys use this technique. When I see a heavy head leaner, I always look to see if I can accomplish this. I found if I can remove the heavy head, on many tree species the wood is tough enough to hold on the hinge. And if I cut the appropriate-sized face cut I can...
  19. DMc

    Burls vs bunions

    I searched for the "Stupid Questions" section, couldn't find one so I'm sticking this here. My wife and I were talking to a logger awhile back. He described how one of his buddies hauled out a large burl off a redwood with great effort got it to a wood dealer who proclaimed it a "bunion" and...
  20. DMc

    Petzl podium

    Ok, so I guess I waited to the last minute to ask this question seeing as how I will be using this on a crane job tomorrow. For those of you who use the podium with the Petzl Sequoia saddle, what do you use as attachment points? I got the Podium which is the large, board type seat because it...
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