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  1. sawinredneck

    Welders? Any welders on this site?

    Let’s see, Oxy/acyt setup Hobart 10k Champion welder/generator Millermatic 135 Hitachi 12” abrasive chop saw Dewalt 12” cold cut chop saw Milwaukee portaband Floor standing drill press 6” bench grinder (Crapsman) I’m down to two 4” angle grinders, my beloved Dewalt with a paddle finally died! I...
  2. sawinredneck

    Computer, Home Theater and Electronic Gadget Thread

    I went a little crazy in my room, most everything is second hand. Yamaha natural sound HTR reciever, Yamaha tape deft, Sony CD and a Technics turntable. The MCS reciever is used as a phono preamp for the time. 75wpc, five channels with an LFE output for the sub. I’d planned on upgrading to more...
  3. sawinredneck

    I want a Sherp

    The Russians nailed it with this thing, chain AWD, 5spd gearbox, stick steering, fuel storage in the wheel centers, central tire inflation (using exhaust gasses), full flotation, it’s truly amphibious. Fish in it, sleep in it, rock crawling, ice/snow, mud, peat bogs, I’ve not seen anything stop...
  4. sawinredneck

    Something wrong with the House?

    Is it just me?? I go to new posts and it tells me the page wont load, then loads? I go to quick links and subscribed threats and it shows up in java script, almost? Am I the only one with issues and is it just on my end?
  5. sawinredneck

    Working on JUNK!

    It seems to be getting worse every year, people getting dumber, and tighter! I had an old Husky show up last summer, wouldn't start, I played with this and that, then pulled the muffler, rings were melted into the piston! It's hard to do a compression test by feel on a 30ish cc saw!! Two weeks...
  6. sawinredneck

    Stihl 046, modded

    Yeah, I'm still alive, if that's what you want to call it, it's not something I'd wish on my worst enemy! It kills me, but I have to sell my baby, I just don't have it in me to run it any more. I dropped a 45" Cottonweed last weekend for some neighbors and it was all I could do to get the damn...
  7. sawinredneck

    Kurt Cobain coming out of hiding.

    Yup, he's back, said he never died just wanted a break from the madness for a while. Says he's working on his next album already, I'm sure it's goona be a good one!:lol::lol:
  8. sawinredneck

    I'd like some sports opinions please.

    I know most, if any of you, don't follow NASCAR here, and that's perfect for me as I'm looking for an outside perspective. I'm having some issues with the way they have handled some things recently. Bear in mind, I am NOT a fan of either driver mentioned here, but I don't like seeing people hung...
  9. sawinredneck

    How'd it go today?
  10. sawinredneck

    Be careful!

    A buddy just called, a friend of his was killed in a terrible accident, something stupid that we ALL really need to be aware of! He told me what had happened and I told him that was the first thing I was taught at White Star machinery and honestly I'm amazed someone at one of the rental yards...
  11. sawinredneck

    Water in the gas!

    I cannot stress this enough, the new gas SUCKS!! I've got a job tomorrow, doing some welding and I needed the mini to load the welder. I dig a path to get it out, fire up the mini, first time in a few months, and back it out to move some other stuff. Drive it around back to take off the bucket...
  12. sawinredneck

    Elect. Hydraulic pump help

    No, what happens is the valve locks and hold the pressure, then when you go to let it down it moves to release the pressure from the cylinder to let the bed come down. Here's a pic, it might help more than my description. When the solenoid gets power, it moves the spool exposing the two...
  13. sawinredneck

    Thomas engine id numbers?

    The Thomas went down and I really need to rebuild it and get it going again! But the Kohler id tag is long gone! Can anyone hook me up with the numbers on their engine please? Thanks in advance!
  14. sawinredneck

    We had dinner with Brian tonight.

    Mama drug me down to Fl for vacation and I still had his number so I figured why not? He was tickled to hear from me and excited to see us again. He seems to be doing well and in great spirits. He took Bubba and I for a ride in his Mustang, man is he proud of it, and rightfully so! That thing is...
  15. sawinredneck

    Redmax GZ3500T?

    No, I'm not going to try climbing, I've been thinking for a while that small little top handle in the truck toolbox might be handy to have. Something light, with a decent amount of power, but not the $600 plus price of the "good" ones. I was looking hard at the Echo's then I talked to a buddy of...
  16. sawinredneck

    Seems you guys broke Sawhawgz!

    I've tried and tried to check the place out but always got the 503 error, then the last few times it seems he's trying to move to a new server. Guess all the AS refugees broke the place!:lol:
  17. sawinredneck

    Is everybody ready for the storm?

    Not sure why they decided to start naming winter storms, much less how they came up with the names, but it looks like "Cleon" is going to make a heck of a mess of things! Looks to go from Dallas to NYC the next two days.
  18. sawinredneck

    What oil and mixture are you using and why?

    As the other thread is delving into this, I figured I'd start a new thread. I run nothing but Royal Purple Synthetic in my saws, all I've run for over ten years. I mix it 45ish to 1 and every time I pull a cylinder they are nice and slimy inside! I've been very happy with this mix and zero...
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