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    Cat in Tree, New Port Richey, FL

    I think you are probably the closest.
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    The New Offical Mutts of the House thread

    Hehehe he is so good!
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    The New Offical Mutts of the House thread

    Love that dog!
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    New toy

    Fun, can’t wait to see your first finished project. Have any idea what you want to make first?
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    Ever happened to you?

    Don’t use it again. Send it back, it’s important the manufacturer knows. odds are they will replace it with an upgrade.
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    Oh no,no,no,no
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    The Official Random Video Thread!

    Gary, what an adventure you are on with the farm.
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    The RIP Thread...

    RIp Bob
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    Right? We all know that BS guy. Might even have one here 😂
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    So, John spends way to much time on Instagram but he finds the funniest stuff. I don’t know how to get it here but if you google it, it comes up: One is about two dogs asking each other’s name: Google WHAT‘S YOUR NAME Another is a guy with an accent from India calling out THE NUMBER ONE...
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    Tree Health - Cut Large Dead Branches, Or Leave Alone?

    yes, please if you can show us a picture or two.
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    1998 Brush Bandit 1980HD Chipper

    Bad to the bone!
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    Regarding Covid

    John, thanks for that post. So, I was so troubled by the finger pointing, blaming and pure ugliness to the point of almost leaving last night. I slept on it and feel better today. I will try and not read this thread as it really is disturbing to see how people react and respond to each other...
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    Regarding Covid

    Yippie, Stig is back!!!!!!!!!
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    🎄 Happy New Year 2022! 🎄

    Happy New Year!
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