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    Gecko feedback

    That is unfortunate. Both the Velcro strap and the shin cup itself can easily have the factory angles changed by simply moving a screw or two.
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    I do enjoy getting and sending text messages, it keeps things brief. For the business though it's talking on the phone and paper billing when needed, handled by the wife, thank goodness.
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    treehouse tree care

    By doing a perk test. Something the home owner can do. Dig a hole somewhere in the root zone, fill it up with water and let it drain. Fill it up again and time how long it takes to lower in inches. Half an inch or less in 60 min is slow, 1/2" to 1" is nomal, faster than 1" is highly porous...
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    treehouse tree care

    Yes, appropriate water, an inch a week during dry spells. It is common for people to want to play catch up when told their tree is drought-stressed. You will need to check that infiltration rate is adequate also. Construction, drought, and even lawn care practices, can all create enough...
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    treehouse tree care

    Extended drought is probably main culprit, but a building of that size and in that location can change the dynamics in more ways than just root damage. Can water be added to the root zone? Stemic insecticide injection? Was the tree showing as much stress at the time of injection?
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    treehouse tree care

    No on the fertilizer, just the reduction you did will do all the tree can handle on producing regrowth. If it is even capable of doing so. Anything beyond the playhouse itself going on that you suspect as causing the decline?
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    Buying a cow??

    Wow! It sounds like neither one of you have any experience in doing something like this? Maybe start with something smaller, like a rabbit.
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    How'd it go today?

    Sorry to read about your troubles, Deva. I know it is of little comfort, but rest assured, many have gone down the same road, myself included. Hope you can find a balance within tree the work world that works for you
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    How'd it go today?

    Dang, Jim! Hopefully you can get a handle on this quickly.
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    Scarpa Hiking Boots w Spikes ? ...

    They will work. How long they will last and how comfortable they are, will depend on the strength of the arch design on your particular Scarpa model. I'm not familiar with Scarpa but I stopped using linemen boots years age in favour of heavy hikers.
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    Plato on logical conclusions

    Do you know that most people have no knowledge of trees, because they never bother to look up, never see what is all around them.
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    Bucket- dump: pros and cons

    I assume that your lift cost as much as all the other similar lifts, meaning a lot! Initial purchase, maintenance, savings for replacing parts as they wear out and eventually the entire machine, all takes some serious money. Have you calculated your rates against all that and its service life...
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    Bucket- dump: pros and cons

    How do you guys make any money at those rates? We charge $150 an hour for doing fruit trees.
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    How'd it go today?

    Well, whatever you want to call it, I sure miss it. Clarity in thinking loses some of its shine when you realize your only half as strong as you used to be.
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    re-writing history with stone artifacts

    Ahh, proof that even critical thinking has limits.
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