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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
Who drives a fullsize as a daily driver? I ran across a REAL nice OBS Ford F-350. Thing is immaculate. 5sp, 90k, 4x4, 7.3. I'm considering looking into it, as it would be nice to have a fullsize truck around, other than my mason dump. I don't drive all that much so milage isn't too much of an issue. Right now I drive the Toyota as my daily, but this year I might have only put 3k miles on it maybe.



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Nice looking truck. And those 7.3 diesels can get 17-18 mpg easily with some minor tweaks. Lots of power available to tow your chipper or mini and dump trailer as well.
Since I sold my business to my son-in-law, I only have one vehicle. 2001 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab 4X4 Cummins w/6spd. stick. My wife has a Toyota Sienna. I am real happy with my truck and plan to keep it until it can't be fixed any more. Oh, almost forgot, I do have a moped which I use for running around town, like to the bank or post office, but for driving to work, I use the truck.
'04 GMC 1/2 ton here, wife has a 97 civic 2 door that we are looking to upgrade to a 4 door something or other. :)
My F-350 Dump is my daily driver.

I'm looking at 89-91 Toyota 4x4 4 cylinders for a new Daily and let that Beast sit and wait for work days.
'06 GMC 2500 4x4. My wife drives a Yukon. Our fuel bill sucks ass.:(
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Thanks for the replies. I have been thinking about a full size lately, as if I ever have a failure out on the job with the mason dump, I am shit outta luck as far as rescuing lets say the chipper or mini. I figure if this bid doesn't go crazy high, I can sell my Toyota for what I bought it for over 4 years ago. He says the Ford stock only gets 4 mpg's less than my Toyota right now. Only thing is I just got rid of a couple big payments, and it feels good. :|:
God No. Steve.

I ride the Bus like a real commuter.

I didn't know there was bus service available there. We have it here also. It goes from Modesto to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. Way more people go in van pools or in their own car though.
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Went and looked at it. The trucks looks pimp, he dug himself a hole when he said what new parts went on it. No thanks.
What parts? Accident? Sometimes newer parts on a older vehicle are just a sign of good maintenance. I could produced a small book of receipts on my '92. Just saying lots of guys will fix trucks up nice and then get antsy for the next rig. I bet my old ('99) Chevy lasts the new owner with no problems for damn near ever and I know so far it has.
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He got it with 25k miles, when he bought it a new rug, and dash went in, painted door, hood, turbo housing, rear bumper, plowed with, had a cb antenna when he got it, towed 9000lb trailer, front axle shaft, front end parts.

To buy a truck with 25k miles and put a new rug and dash in, the fact it was plowed with and had the CB antenna......I figure it was worked hard, plowed commercially, and put away dirty. This guy put alot of money into it off the bat, turned me off.
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I dont like repainted shit or trucks that have been plowed with.

For the right price I'd buy it, still going to watch the auction.
my wife drives the truck its an 04 GMC 4x4 I drive her,

honda element........
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Right now it's at 7500. The guy who bid on it is looking at it tommorrow, so who knows, reserve met though.

These trucks are like crack up here, in high demand. I've seen Mint ones consistantly sell for 15-18k.