On this day I learned I have inoperable cancer. I've been being tested, and the doc just gave me a call. Pretty much chemo is my only option at this point, but a biopsy is needed to see what the tumor actually is. Sooooo, the adventure begins - perhaps my last one, perhaps I'll get lucky.

Not a whining thread, just a heads up to all of you. I pondered over saying anything or starting a thread like this. I wasn't gonna say anything ( I did a while back but no one caught it) but I decided I'd better not spring it on everybody. That wouldn't be very cool.

So there you have it. I may be checking outta here earlier than expected, so we need to get a new person to keep this site going. I'm not real sure how that will be done but we'll figure something out.

Shit - I just knew something was gonna frig up my enjoyment of my new SS income!