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Thread: What boots and gloves do you wear when chainsawing on the ground?

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    I'm on ya alright. Like a infection!

    I could care less if someone chooses to not wear the proper ppe. But don't kid yourself that you're not at risk or that you just don't need. Just admit you're just choosing not to use it and are accepting the risks, not belittling the risks. And I'm cool with that.

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    I accept the risks.

    I'm not covered by W/C.

    I think that "I wasn't trying to get hurt.?!" and "I WAS TRYING NOT to get hurt!!" are worlds apart. I see people take stupid risks and choices all the time, but not at my jobsites.

    Unfortunately, my employee wasn't trying to get hurt walking on super slick icy wearing Vans (off the clock, away from work). I saw his stapled head today when I put some gas in his truck.
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