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Thread: Patron Saint of Bore-Cutters

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    Which part?
    If it looks like I asked a question, but put a period, it's probably a question.
    Don't know why I'm question-mark challenged online. 😀 New Year's Resolution, better proof reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stig View Post
    I don't get that extremely open face cut.
    Takes forever to make and doesn't work any better than a normal one.

    Also, he has absolutely no stump shot.
    Hope that tree doesn't hit another on the way down, or it'll come backwards off the stump.

    Quote Originally Posted by stig View Post
    Hell, I don't know.
    If you want a fast cutting chain, why use a semi chisel.
    Those are mainly run by arborists and other amateurs here.

    Also, I tend to look down on people who can only sharpen using some kind of device.
    If one does chainsaw work for a living, one should learn to sharpen with just a file, no crutches IMO.

    I liked the idea of filing with the saw upside down, never seen that before.

    Quote Originally Posted by stig View Post
    Sure as shit, Cory.

    God ( Or whoever) knows we don't get paid very well for logging, so pretty much all we have going for us is the pride of being good at trade that is rapidly disappearing.
    The harvesters are breathing down our necks in my part of the world.

    Cory, it is all I have to give them. Pride!
    We are a dying breed.