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Thread: QTRA course...

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    If you go on the QTRA website, you can have a read of the practice notes, I think they are available for the public...might give you some more insight to this system.
    I have to say though it became more understandable and logical during the actual course and fieldwork.
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    Originally Posted by woodworkingboy
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD3000 View Post
    Thats the common complaint, my own as well. Fair amount of dough to learn how to fill in a form and use their matrices. Good book to own as a resource though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tim_B. View Post
    Hey, JD, any chance you could name the title of the book, or better yet, provide a link to a place it can be purchased? For those of us that might be interested in the knowledge, but don't need a certificate.

    Thanks, in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by JD3000 View Post
    Yep Tim, it's ""Tree Risk Assesment Manual" 2nd Edition
    Thanks a bunch for this answer. I've been missing the updates to this thread, until now.


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