I once dropped a polesaw out of the tree to the ground guy.

It must have caught something and caught the cuff of my glove and pulled the glove right off my hand.

I instantly felt sick thinking it must have been a bad cut as there was zero pain. I saw my glove on the blade on the ground and expected the whole back of my hand to have opened up.

To my surprise, not even a scratch. I don't know how I managed that one.

I have hit my left forearm before, through a jacket and jumper and look my sleeve. The branch I was on snapped and I lost my footing in the middle of a cut. Only about 10 foot in the air. The sugoi just slapped me and wasn't raked across.

By the time I got to the floor, there was blood dripping out and of the sleeve of my jacket and my long sleeved, grey t shirt was maroon in colour.

I am pretty vascular and had pierced a vein. It was squirting out. A trip to the hospital and 4 stitches later I was as good as gold. One stitch in each hole.

Those Silky saws definitely bite.