Computer science is, as Joe Rogan might say, some extremely heavy sh*t.

Tree forums got me started on the interwebs. I knew very little then about the ins and outs of things Cyber, but the forums (reading and posting) created some literacy. A few years ago there was a college text book on introductory 'puter science in my house, I opened it up curious to see how far into it I could get before getting lost- I didn't make it past the first half of a page. FWIW I graduated with high honors from college, was a B+ to A- HS student.

Wikipedia blows my mind, the info in there, especially regarding math, science and computer science. It is basically infuckingpossible to understand.

Which brings us to the point here: bit coin and blockchain. Do y'all understand it? Many feel it is or will be revolutionary, and these days, with things changing so incredibly fast, something like that will likely be affecting all of us, soon.

I surfed around on the topics, this was the best thing I found on it so far. It uses wikipedia as part of an analogy to explain blockchain, I had to wiki wikipedia to make sure I had a good understanding of what that was But I still don't fully understand it.

Curious to hear your thougts.