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    saw gas deteriorating

    I pulled my MS260 out of my storage locker yesterday, took 6 pulls with the decomp button down to get it to sputter and one more to get it running. I haven't touched that saw in at least 5 years. Seems that shouldn't have been so easy by all the tales I hear from folk about fuel stabilizer and...
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    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    Dad does dessert Tater to grilled cheese Tater tot and mozzarella omelette Cleaning the fridge Grillin! Finally replaced our BBQ, didn't use the old one much at all for about 3 years. Back in bizniss now!
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    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    Brunch and dinner
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    Uploading pics

    Founding members will remember this beauty. I think RJS hated it.
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    The Official Work Pictures Thread

    My latest work photo...
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    PAUL B

    Hey all! Life has been BUSY the last 5 years or so, so much going on with work changes and family. The boy is now 11.6 and the wife is hitting the big 4-0 next march. We are still living in the same place but we did do extensive reno's 2-3 years ago. Glad to see so many of you are all still...
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