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    Throwbag - How High Can You Accurately Throw?

    Not talking about a miracle shot, but what's your height before you pull out the bigshot, or something like that? I was loading line into my new bag, and thinking back to that oak tree I took down. I was having issues hitting the crotch 30'-40' up. Boss finally got it placed. My cool had been...
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    The Official Random Video Thread!

    I wonder what's wrong with it? $9k sounds low for a collector's item. Might have been wrecked.
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    The Official Work Pictures Thread

    The triple hinge makes sense to me intellectually, but I don't have practical experience.
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    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    Paulaner Salvator, gulasch, currywurst, and kraut. Went to the German place with my mother. Might be my favorite restaurant :^)
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    Songs I Like

    That's a sight! I give a little money to the local classical station. Rock bores me anymore, and the rest of popular music is garbage. Another local station has a jazz heavy playlist. If I'm not listening to one of those two or npr, I listen to the music on my phone.
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    How'd it go today?

    I'm in a different biz, but it always slows down in winter here. As soon as the leaves start popping, everyone wants their big ass boundaries done, and you're racing the leaves so it doesn't get 500% harder. Irritating. They should be lining that shit up in October. I enjoy the slow times...
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    TreeHouse Tee Shirt Orders 2019

    A little late, but here's me in the shirt. Getting fat... Bonus pic; my new throwline bag I just got from the thrift shop. All the pros use these :^P
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    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    I have that book(the original), but I don't cook much. Haven't opened it in years. I probably should.
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    Im back

    Love MREs! That was lunch Thursday. Had meatballs in marinara sauce. Warfighter recommended, warfighter tested, warfighter approved :^D
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    Songs I Like

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    Kyles redneck builds/ ideas

    Ya, I don't typically use video to learn stuff. I prefer reading and/or looking at pictures. Sometimes video helps though. Of all things, I had to use video to change the headlights on my dakota. I took the obvious screws out, but the housing wouldn't budge. I gave up, and looked it up on...
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    What Did Ya'll Have For Dinner Tonight?

    Beans & wienies cooked on my woodstove. Should be done in 15 minutes.
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    Crown Shyness

    If someone wanted to, you could probably experiment on a tree to see if you can affect growth. Go out every day and whack it with a stick. Not enough to break branches(or too many anyway), but knock off some leaves, and just let it know you were there. See if it reacts over time, and get a close...
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    How'd it go today?

    Laid out some road today. Kind of a PITA. The paving was existing/staying, and it was all over the place. I had to throw to an offset I thought was close, then use my tape to match existing and book it. Had to do that cause it's all wedge and level, so they'll need good grades, but it'll look...
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    How'd it go today?

    Average day. Nothing exciting. I did remember a mulberry I wanted to climb and trim when the weather got better, and completely forgot about it. I have something to look forward to. It's got a bit of everything in it. Looks like it got thrashed by a strong wind, so there's broken stuff in the...
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