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  • mastermind7864's Avatar
    Henry & Randy of have supplied this brand spanking new MS150 for us to dig around in and share with you guys here at The Treehouse. ;) We plan to do some mild mods to the saw, along with videos, pictures, and commentary. You guys are the experts in your's your thoughts that we need. For example, is a screened exhaust mandatory for you? How about a modded saw too loud for you to be happy with? This saw is light in my mind.......but by your standards it my be an underpowered, overweight pig. One other thing........what size wood should I use for testing this saw? It's 24cc. I was thinking an 8" piece of poplar, but would love to hear your thoughts. Here's a few pics. Remember please, we do about 200 working saws a year. This saw will have to be worked in with the others that are here to be modified and repaired. There will be days when we won't have anything new to add.
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  • PCTREE's Avatar
    PCTREE started a thread Grove AT635E in Gear Forum
    OK so for me this is a big commitment!! Just pulled the trigger on this crane.... I as always was looking for a real cheap, i.e. sub $30k crane but saw this baby and fell in love. It is a BULL of a crane and the best part is the 11' wheelbase with crab steering and 4X4 we should be able to get in some tight spots. Kinda worried about impact to driveways as it is 53,000lbs . I have been renting a BT3470 for years which is a 17 ton crane with 70' of stick so this 35 ton with 90' stick should be a dream!! Now I have to figure out how to run it AND get a climber:/: I have 2 years to get certified as by Sept 2017 every operator will be required to be. A new and exciting chapter..... Now I can finally get fat:lol:
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  • DMc's Avatar
    I am by no means a rancher or farmer but have always preferred working with natural solutions. I was viewing this video and was wondering what some of you that have more experience in these things, like FFZ, thought of this as a way of improving diversity and land use potential.
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  • Dave Shepard's Avatar
    From the Official Work Pictures Thread: "We don't have an Official logging thread, so I guess this goes here. Myrtle's first official log on my pine job. 30' x22" white pine. Going to be a ridge beam in a Cruck frame. I've been playing around all week getting my skid trail opened up and the snow packed down while the snow was "warm". Now that it's cold again, the going is pretty good. I pulled this guy all the way back without any troubles. I'll try two of them next time. I've got a couple of sticky wickets on the skid trail, I'm working on a pretty tired set of tire chains, I might have to put them on if the conditions get bad. My skid trail is about twice as long as I would like, but the shortcut to the mill yard that was used in '93 is blocked by a couple of uprooted trees. No way to move the stumps. At least there is no trucking this way, which is good, I don't think the Kubota will pick this one up. Mill is in front of Kubota."
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  • emr's Avatar
    So NHlocal wanted pics of me using the SRT gear and I had nothing to offer. He also mentioned posting up a selfie. Well here it is...... Others feel free to post their own. It will be nice to put faces to names. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
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  • surveyor's Avatar
    surveyor started a thread Bulldog Bone in Gear Forum
    Thought I would start a new thread about the Bulldog Bone that I have made that works very well SRT and can be used also DdRT, by posting a few videos of it. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  • FireFighterZero's Avatar
    I looked around and did not find a thread about birds. I keep a bird guide and field glasses next to my chair at all times. Saw this guy this morning, Golden Crowned Kinglet. Not my photo, sorry.
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  • bonner1040's Avatar
    Who can talk to me about the differences between these saws. Husky 3120xp 118 cc 8.4 hp 23 lbs Husky 395xp 94 cc 7.1 hp 17.5 lbs *** Stihl 880 121 cc 8.6 hp 22.3 lbs Stihl 660 91 cc 7 hp 16.5 lbs It is worth stepping up to a 3120XP/880 from the 395XP/660 tier? Whats the real difference between the 660/385xp tier and the 880/3120? I currently run a 460 as my biggest saw (75cc, 6 hp, 14.5 lbs) and it does everything I want it to. Looking at saving for a bigger saw a while down the road and want to get some opinions.
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  • Tucker943's Avatar
    Tucker943 started a thread Hunting 2014 in The Rec Room
    Here it is folks..... Anyone have any trips in mind? Anyone draw any tough tags? I put in for a Maine moose tag, but not to draw, just to hold my points and accrue one more. This year isn't the year for a moose hunt, but I wasn't about to part with my points.
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  • Mellow's Avatar
    Saw something similar on another forum site. So I thought it might be fun to start this here. If the mods think otherwise or if there is already something similar, please say so. If members have no interest, it will die a quick death. Having played it for a couple of weeks, it is fascinating the responses one sees. It is pretty simple, just reply with one word that somehow relates to the previous one. I'll start it off with what is at the core of what this site is all about......... ========= Tree
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  • RegC's Avatar
    As the title says. Unrehearsed, so not as articulate as it could have been. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  • MasterBlaster's Avatar
    Don't be shy to click on the only sponsor for the TreeHouse! Treehousers have a direct connection! :rockon:
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  • Limbrat's Avatar
    Limbrat started a thread Fishing 2017 in The Rec Room
    About time to start a new fishing thread. Caught some redfish out of the 'yak this evening. They fight really hard all the time but while the water's cool, they are just brutes and will give you quite a ride.
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  • cory's Avatar
    cory started a thread Helmet comms in Gear Forum
    I saw this mentioned in the ocgd thread but thought it could use a dedicated thread cuz there is alot to it. I use quality walkie talkies on crane jobs and they are decent but far from perfect. I've heard ear tec mentioned, Paul mentioned Sena, I'm just wondering what the various options are out there and the pros and cons. I'd like something that is effective in all ambient sound environments, easy to use and charge, still has good hearing protection, and affordable wouldn't be bad too.
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  • Jed's Avatar
    Yeah just in case there were actually someone out there who might just possibly care, I decided to post this up. I just figured out something small tonight. I used to talk to two different old-timers who round filed chisel chain, and they both told me the same thing though I could never figure out why. They said, "Always file up at a ten degree angle." "Why?" I would ask, "Since the manuals all say to just go across at a straight 90 degrees to the bar." Robert: "Jed... (eyes rolling) just do it. I've been doing this a really long time. Do you think I might know what I'm doin'?" Max: "Just the way I was taught to do it, and it's always worked out real good." So anyway, I think that tonight, I just figured out why. When you sharpen without raming a wedge in the bottom of the bar, the drivers naturally rock over in the bar grove from the pressure of the pushing file(on a moderately worn-out guide bar) about ten degrees. One compensates for this with the ten degrees in the file. If you don't, the top-plate comes out with a more acute angle that the twenty-five or thirty degrees that you intended. ...... For those who might possibly care.
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  • SouthSoundTree-'s Avatar
    After three or so years, I've decided that I should fix my grinder, and have had the time. Yes, I dislike grinding, but recognize I can do it alone, with minimal body wear and tear, along with low risk. I have a 25 HP Rayco super jr from back in the day. A small back yard machine. What have you found to be profitable approaches to sales, tricks of the trade, homemade shielding, etc. Discuss.
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  • Limbrat's Avatar
    Limbrat started a thread Hunting 2016 in The Rec Room
    Took a few hours and went to the woods yesterday to try and shoot a hog. I got skunked but my bro-in-law shot this tusker. It was his 101st big game animal. A sideways hog. Go figure.
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  • Limbrat's Avatar
    Limbrat started a thread Fishing 2016 in The Rec Room
    Got a chance to fish little today, caught a bunch of speckled trout, sheepshead, and other assorted food items. My partner caught this jack crevalle, not much to eat, but great grouper bait and a heck of a fighter.
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  • pantheraba's Avatar
    I got home last night about 1:30AM from a trip to VA over the weekend...real tired, dragging after we drove about 12 hours to get home after a busy two days. Then I saw THIS waiting for me on the front porch...Zounds!! What a great surprise. A big box that says "TreeStuff" is cool enough. But when you pick it up and it weighs almost nothing you suspect there may be an APTA inside...WAY cool. So...I have only unpacked it so far. Still super busy with work going-ons lately (last 4-6 weeks have been the busiest we have ever been). I'll try it out in the next few days and get back to you...I can tell you for now that compared to the earlier iron pipe version this one is incredibly lighter...looking forward to trying it out.
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